Are you aware of JOZOKUKA KYUFU KIN ( subsidy for small businesses and freelancers in Japan


There is a maximum subsidy of 2 million yen for small companies and sole proprietors whose sales have decreased by 50% or more due to the New Corona Virus.
The usual concerns are…

1) Am I eligible?
2) Are there many documents or requirements needed to be able to avail of these benefits?
3) The forms are written in Japanese.


But it is early to give up . please consult once


NISHI Consultancy support sole proprietors and foreigners


If these are any of your concerns,feel free to get in touch through line or messenger.
LINE ID:nhero

MESSENGER:Naohiro Nishizuka

For inquiries, please first send me a message through chat or mail since I will not be entertaining direct calls because of the heavy volume of calls I have been receiving lately. I will instead be the one to get in touch with you.