Nishi Consultancy has an office about a 3-minute walk from the Consul General of Japan in Manila and has been operating a comprehensive assistance company since 2004.

International marriage is full of things you don’t know, such as you don’t know what documents you need, you don’t know the order of procedures, you can get married but you don’t know the procedures after that. Because international marriage is a procedure that straddles the laws of both countries, there are many documents, and Filipino documents are often forged without the knowledge of the Japanese. We will start with verification of documents and proceed with advice and procedures based on the law.

As for other duties, for individuals, administrative scriveners, and scriveners, in order to solve problems of your clients smoothly and quickly, we have acquired various documents issued by the Republic of the Philippines and acquisition of Aposteil. I will do it. This work has been well received by many professionals. We also translate various other documents.

We have a wide range of activities such as divorce and marriage invalidation procedures, child recognition, nationality acquisition, and visas related to it, which have increased recently.

We also assist in sending out foreigners 1 and 2 with specific skills and establishing a sending institution.

Main business

 General Assistance

We mainly deal with the need for legal expertise such as international marriage procedures, nationality acquisition, and divorce procedures.

 Translation Services

We handle everything from translation of general documents such as marriage certificates and birth certificates to translation of specialized fields.

 Document Acquisition Service

We handle the ordering of various documents and the certification work by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.