Q. When I used to go to Japan as an talent , I entered the country under a name that was not my own. Should I tell the Immigration Bureau about it?
A. You should talk. Basically, unless you are caught there, there will be no legal penalty if you return home. It’s better to speak honestly than to make a story that doesn’t make sense when you meet in the Philippines. And apologize for the immigration.
Q. When I was going to Japan as a talent a long time ago, I was caught because I was doing customer service activities. We are currently married, will we be able to come to Japan soon?
A. Unfortunately, I cannot return to Japan for 5 years (in the case of personal identification). I think the passport is stamped with 52-4.
Q. I had overstayed in the past and returned to Japan after appearing at the Immigration Bureau. What is the penalty?
A. I can’t go back to Japan for a year. However, this is the case of the person’s identity. If you use the name of another person, you will be penalized for 5 years.
Q. I was overstaying in the past. I appeared on my own and returned to Japan, but I entered the country in the name of another person. What is the penalty?
A. You will be evaluated until you appear, but you will be penalized for 5 years by entering the country with a passport in the name of another person.
Q. I used to marry a Japanese and divorced. Will I get a visa if I remarriage and go through the normal procedure?
A. It used to be out. Currently, when applying for a visa, the past marriage calendar is referred to the NSO (National Bureau of Statistics). Even if you are divorced in Japan, the record remains in the Philippines. Divorce procedures are also required in the Philippines.