About translation

About translation

We translate various documents related to the Philippines from Japan to English quickly and accurately at a reasonable price. Unlike other companies, we do not support the languages of each country, but if you need a translation between Japan and English instead, we will keep the price lower than anywhere else.

For specialized documents and those with a large number of pages, we will promptly estimate the delivery date and price. After the translation is completed, we will send it by e-mail unless it is convenient for you to mail it, so it is speedy. Applicable people need to take appropriate procedures. We also assist in the procedure for invalidation of marriage by an excellent corporate lawyer. Please contact us for the assist fee and period.


How to request

Send the original to messenger, Viber, LINE, such as by email, or send a clear photo.

For items not listed in our translation price list, we will inform you of the quotation and delivery time in 30 minutes-1 hour.
(By phone, email, etc.)

After the translation is completed, please transfer the fee to your Japanese bank account or Philippine bank account.

After confirming the transfer, we will deliver it by email or mail.

・You can also contact us by phone. Please use it.
・Details will be sent by email.
・To clarify the details of the transaction, please do not delete the log when contacting us by e-mail, but use “Reply”.