Fees and translation time

Fees for various translation documents and approximate translation time

The translation time shows the approximate translation time of the document, and it will take a waiting time because it will be translated by the person who requested it earlier. However, except for long documents or specialized documents, we will try to finish as much as possible until 6:00 pm Japan time on the requested date. In addition, you will be required to make a deposit for long pages and specialized items.


Documents of the Republic of the Philippines price Time (about)
Birth certificate ¥2,500 10Min~20Min
If there is a second page¥3,000
Marriage certificate ¥2,500 10Min
Certificate of celibacy ¥2,500 10Min
Marriage record certificate ¥2,500 10Min
Apostille ¥2,500 10Min
Baptism certificate ¥2,500 15Min
NBI clearance ¥2,500 20Min
Police clearance certificate ¥3,000~ 20Min
LTO certificate (including receipt page) ¥3,000 20Min
Various affidavits ¥4,500~ 30Min~
Graduation certificate ¥4,500~ 30Min~
School record (Form 137) ¥8,000~ 90Min~
Japanese documents price Time (about)
Withholding slip(Genzenchōshū-hyō) ¥3,000 10Min~
Salary slip(kyuryōmeisai-hyō) ¥3,000~ 30Min~
Family register copy (without Japanese embassy certification) (koseki touhon) ¥4,000~ 30Min~
Resident’s card(Jumin-hyō) ¥4,000~ 30Min~
Income tax certificate(Shotoku kazei shōmei-sho) ¥6,500~ 45Min~
A copy of the company register(Kaisha tōkibotōhon) ¥6,500~ 45Min~
School report card(Gakkō seiseki-hyō) ¥15,000~ 90Min~

The ones listed here are mainly for documents that are mainly in demand for translation. Please contact us for other documents. In addition, we will promptly estimate the delivery date and price for long pages and specialized ones.

The certification fee for the Japanese Embassy will be ¥ 6,000 (including consumption tax). It takes 2 days for translator certification to be certified.

If you wish to receive it by mail in Japan, an additional 600 yen will be charged. When the translation arrives, please check the contents, and if there is an error in the translation, please contact us within one week after the translation arrives. The mailing fee will be rushed at our expense. If one week has passed, the mailing fee will be borne by the customer.