Company Profile

 Company name  NISHI Travel Consultancy Services
 Address  62 Don Benito Hernandez St. Pasay City 1300 Philippines
 Telephone number  02-8833-6449
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 Representative  Lyn Obeso Nishizuka
 Director of Operations  Naohiro Nishizuka
 Date of establishment  December 2003
 Business prmit No.  24-06076
Description of Business ・Filipino-Japanese Marriage and VISA Procedures
・Obtained various visas for Filipinos to travel to Japan
・Acquisition and translation of various documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.) from PSA
・Obtaining an Apostille, Visa for Japanese Residents in the Philippines
・Judicial Recognition of Foreign Divorce procedures , trial procedures for Annulment
・Acquisition of Japanese nationality for children, etc.・Consultation of SSW visa
・Assistance in establishing a Philippine sending Organization (Agency)