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Marriage requirements fulfillment certificate application

The first procedure to get married to a Japanese national in the Philippines is to apply for a marriage requirement certificate at the Consulate General of Japan in Manila or the Consulate of Davao / Cebu. This cannot be applied for or received unless a Japanese person goes. A certificate of fulfillment of marriage requirements is a certificate that the embassy certifies and certifies that a Japanese person is not currently married to anyone and meets the requirements for marriage. It will be issued on the next opening day after application. The details are as follows.


Reception time (Consul General of Japan in Manila)

Reception: Every Monday to Friday, except public holidays, 8:40 am to 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Acceptance: The next day (the next day is Saturday and Sunday, the next opening day if it is a national holiday) from 10:00 am to 12:00 and from 1:30 to 3:30
Required documents Japanese passport (copy not allowed)
One copy of the Japanese family register (even an extract) (valid only within 3 months from the date of issue)
Filipino birth certificate
Marriage requirements certificate issuance application (located at the consulate)
Important thing Japanese person has a divorce calendar and the fact is not listed in the family register (extract), a copy of the family register removed from the municipal office where the registered domicile was at the time of divorce or a copy of the modified original family register is also required. Please note that you will need both a copy of your family register.
Cost Japanese people who have never been married      Php 550 (Fees until March 31, 2021)
Japanese with divorce history   Php 1,100 (Fees until March 31, 2021)


Length of Stay for Japanese Nationals

How long should Japanese people stay in the Philippines?
This is important. How long should Japanese people take time off to work?

I asked a married person before and he said it would take about 2 weeks.
They told me they needed 10 days, so I took 11 days off and went to the Philippines, but I couldn’t make it until I got married.
I got married in 3 days because I can do anything in the Philippines if I pay for it.

The real intention is that various information flies around and you do not know what the real information is. The arrival time of the plane also varies depending on the departure airport. The correct answer for the shortest number of days to get married in one visit is as follows.


1. Marriage requirements fulfillment certificate application

The arrival date in the Philippines is the opening date of the embassy, and you must arrive in the Philippines by 4:30 when you can apply. (First day here) Normally, the museum is open from Monday to Friday, but it may be closed due to the holidays in the Philippines.


2.Receiving a certificate of fulfillment of marriage requirements

The next day must also be the embassy opening day. (This is the second day) Pick-up is from 10 am to noon and from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm


3.Applying for a marriage permit

You must be in time by 5 pm when the city hall applying for the marriage permit is open on the day you receive the certificate of fulfillment of marriage requirements. (If it’s in time, it’s the second day here too)


4.Receiving a marriage permit

The 10th day counting from the date of application for the marriage permit must not be a holiday for the city hall. Marriage permits are only issued on the day the city hall is doing. (If it is not a holiday, it is the 11th day here) It is also possible to go to the Philippines in two parts. In that case, apply for a marriage requirement certificate at the embassy for the first time, receive it the next day, and then apply for a marriage permit to the city hall and return to Japan. After that, I will go to the Philippines again within 120 days after 10 days to get married.

By the way, the above-mentioned example of getting it done in 3 days has not been issued a visa in recent years, so please do not be fooled by such a story. The best shortcut is to do it legally.

Birth Certificate

It is no exaggeration to say that this birth certificate is the most sought after marriage procedure. Here are some common issues.

1.The name is not written on the birth certificate

You need to go to the city hall where you registered your birth and complete the procedure called Supplemental Report. Once you have your name on the city hall’s birth certificate, you can get a PSA (Philippines National Statistics Bureau) birth certificate in a few weeks, if you do it neatly.

2.The gender of the birth certificate is not written

This is also a supplemental report.

3.I’m a woman, but the birth certificate says that the gender is male

Previously it required court approval, but now it takes a certificate of gender inspection at the hospital to the city hall where the birth registration was made and at the discretion of the civil registrar to the PSA (Philippines National Bureau of Statistics). The description has been transferred and registration is now possible.

4.The birth certificate is delayed registration. (Late registration)

It is a birth certificate that has been registered more than 3 months after birth. Be careful of the birth certificate that you have registered in recent years. If the birth certificate is double or triple registered, or because I was married to a Filipino before, I changed my birthday and name slightly and registered a new birth certificate in recent years. If so, please note that 100% of the visas will not be issued. However, not all late registrations do. The most important problem is that there is really no registration other than the career advancement certificate. We start by verifying your birth certificate.

5.Wrong name spelling or birthday

This also be amended under Philippine law, or it may be a court decision.

As I said briefly, there can be such a problem with the birth certificate alone. If you think about the relationship with this birth certificate, please be aware that even if you get married, you may not be able to go to Japan as a Japanese spouse.

Marriage history of Filipino spouse

It is often the case that a Filipino spouse was previously married. This is a big bottleneck in the Philippines where the other party is Japanese, the other party is Filipino, and divorce is not possible. The reason is that if you proceed with the procedure without leaving it, you will not be issued the last essential visa. If this happens, you will not know what you have been doing for.

Currently, at the time of the final visa application, the Consul General of Japan in Manila will check with PSA (Philippines National Statistics Bureau) whether the applicant has been married in the past, so go to Japan with a bigamy as before I can’t go. Applicable people should follow the proper procedure. We also assist divorce procedures and marriage invalidation procedures by excellent lawyers.



Once you have a marriage permit, your next wedding will be within 120 days of its validity. The wedding must be held in front of a qualified person. For example, church priests, pastors, judges, mayors of cities, towns and villages. The wedding venue can be anywhere in the Philippines. There are two main types.

a)When holding a wedding at the city hall, restaurant, or our office

The time is from about 30 minutes to about 2 hours if it also serves as a reception. At least one witness, called Ninon and Ninan, is required for each man and woman. Have your costume, wedding ring, and seal ready.

b)When having a wedding in a church

Of course, Ninon, Ninan, wedding ring, etc. are necessary, but since it is a ceremony at the church, there is a format. It is necessary to set up various responsibilities such as people who financially assisted the wedding, women in charge of flowers, children, etc., and it will naturally cost money because the wedding will be lively with a large number of people. First and foremost, it is necessary to take a seminar at the office of Father Nishimoto, who manages the wedding ceremony at the Japanese Catholic Church, and then receive a letter of introduction to the church where the ceremony will be held. If you have a divorce calendar, you will have more documents.

After the wedding, the person who married (pastor, priest, etc., judge) will register the marriage at the city hall under its jurisdiction, and then register with the PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority).

Marriage registration in Japan

Once the marriage certificate is issued by the PSA (Philippine National Statistics Office), translate the Philippine spouse’s birth certificate and marriage certificate into Japanese. The first thing to do in Japan after marriage is to register your marriage at the local municipal office.

What you need for marriage registration

Marriage certificate
Filipino spouse birth certificate
Its translation
Marriage registration form (located at the municipal office)
Your ID and seal

Application for issuance of Certificate of Eligibility

An application for a Certificate of Eligibility is a request to the Immigration Bureau to examine the application for a Filipino spouse to come to Japan.

Both Japanese and Filipino documents are required for this application. Here are the minimum required documents that are commonly required by each immigration bureau. Please prepare one copy each. Please prepare one set of application for issuance of status of residence certificate (3 sheets set) and 1 set of questionnaire (8 sheets set).


・Certificate of incumbency
・If you are self-employed, a copy of your business permit and a copy of your tax return

・For pension recipients, a copy of the pension receipt (a copy of the pension amount) and a bank balance certificate

・A copy of the family register (with the name of the Filipino spouse)
・Resident’s card (all households are listed)
・Income tax certificate
・Tax certificate
・Application for issuance of status of residence certificate
・letter of guarantee
・Marriage certificate (issued by PSA)
・Birth certificate (issued by PSA)
・Its translation
・Photos of the day of the wedding and photos of past dating (please prepare a few)
・Affidavit (those who need to enter the country under a pseudonym)
・3cm x 4cm photo (white background)
・Copy of Filipino spouse’s passport (face photo page)
・Reply envelope with your address on a 404 yen stamp

CFO Seminar

The CFO (Filipino Committee for Overseas Residents) seminar is an organization under the control of DFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), and its purpose is to teach Filipinos how to deal with any emergency overseas. It has two purposes: to teach the foreign cultural customs, to protect Filipinos, and to investigate whether it is a fake marriage. You must take this seminar before you can make a passport in the name of your marriage.

Due to the large number of fake marriages these days, it is very difficult for Filipino spouses under the age of 25, especially around the age of 20. If you stumble here, the procedure will stop on the Filipino side, which is difficult.


Required documents

Marriage certificate
Birth certificate
Certificate of singleness (depending on location)
A copy of the family register after enrollment

One type of ID issued by a passport and other public institutions
A set of copies of the marriage permit Copy all the documents up to this point one by one
Photos at the time of the wedding and reception

Visa application

Apply for a visa once you have a Certificate of Eligibility. Until a while ago, it was three days to apply and wait for a visa. Now, at this stage, check with PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority) to see if you have been married in the past. As a result, waiting for the result of visa application is now 2-3 weeks. If you have been married in the past and have not filed for divorce or invalid marriage, your visa will not be issued when you find out.

If you set up a lawyer and get a divorce from an annulment or a Japanese person, you should go to a divorce certification trial (Judicial Recognition of Foreign Divorce) and get a judgment from the court. You must include special notes on your previous marriage certificate at the PSA (Philippines National Statistics Office). For the first time, this is the legal loss of a previous marriage. Please be careful if applicable.

Visa application documents

Birth certificate (PSA)
Marriage Certificate (PSA)
Certificate of Eligibility and 1 copy
A few photos at the time of marriage
Visa application form (1 photo for visa)

Baptism certificate and school record required if birth certificate is delayed registration

Assist fee

There are three levels of marriage assistance fees.

Package type Assist content Assit fee
Marriage only Assisting in applying for and receiving a certificate of fulfillment of marriage requirements, applying for a marriage permit, a wedding ceremony in front of a pastor at our company or at a place designated by the customer, registration of the marriage certificate with PSA, one original marriage certificate , 1 copy of marriage certificate, 2 marriage certificates issued by PSA, translation of marriage notification attachments 100,000Yen
(Tax included)
Post-marriage assistance Please register your marriage certificate with PSA and submit two PSA-issued marriage certificates to us. Subsequent translation, assistance in preparing attachments for application for issuance of status of residence certificate, CFO seminar assistance, passport acquisition and name change, visa application. 180,000Yen
(Tax included)
Assistance from marriage to visa Complete package that includes all of the above two 230,000Yen
(Tax included)

Wedding receptions, wedding rings and costumes are not included in this price. It is just a document procedure.


We will also arrange weddings, garden weddings and receptions at the church for an additional fee. Please contact us for details. I will give you a quote.